Introducing Mixty Finance

An Open World of Endless Possibilities

Mixty Finance is an open network for an emerging world of digital assets and decentralized applications

We propose the concept of integrating all elements of financial to expanding the service model and scope of a financial product.


Integrate our smart contracts into wallets, exchanges, and other service providers.


Utilize and execute DeFi derivatives instantly with full transparency across your open trade positions.

Discover a growing array of next generation tools.

Mixty Finance is powering open finance through our ecosystem of cross-chain protocols, exchanges, and applications that are the legos to build the next-generation of DeFi.

Asset digitization

The digitization of certain types of assets requires on-chain confirmation of a series of credit elements related to those assets, such as ownership/asset attributes/legitimacy, etc .

Regulatory compliance

Verification of service elements can not be carried out using a traditional centralized mechanism with centralized storage and manual review. In the case of Financial service-based DeFi, the risk control mechanism and service elements require the introduction of two important decentralized mechanisms.


Upcoming Exchanges


The Mixty Finance token is called /MXF/ (plural: /MXF/) . It is divisible to 18 decimal places. At the launch of the main network, the initial supply cannot exceed a total of 20,000 tokens.

  • Name: Mixty Finace
  • Symbol: MXF
  • Decimal: 18
  • Smart Contract: View Here

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